Gwannap Pit John Wesley

John Wesley was born on 17th June 1703 at Epworth, Lincolnshire, the fifteenth child of the rector, Samuel Wesley, and his wife Susanna, one of the most remarkable women of the 18th century. She had 19 children, was a strict but caring mother, exercising great influence over her offspring. She was a prolific letter writer and wrote meditations and scriptural commentaries for her own use.

A number of factors shaped John Wesley’s life, including the following three. As a child he was rescued from a fire at the Epworth Rectory, “a brand, plucked from the burning”. At Oxford, he joined the ‘Holy Club’, a group of young men, who because of their methodical living were nicknamed ‘Method-ists’. His conversion on 24th May 1738 - at a Religious Society meeting in Aldersgate Street, London - when he felt his heart “strangely warmed”.